Coffee Exfoliation

Coffee Exfoliation

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My Coffee Exfoliation Soap is not only great for softening up those hard to nurture dry areas like your feet or elbows or Great for Removing that Stubborn Deodorant under your armpits. It is also Anti-aging; Helps with Cellulite Reduction; Cancer Combatant; Helps Your Skin Appear Lighter And More Smooth; Reduces Dark Circles Around Your Eyes;Protects Your Skin from Sunburn and Prevents Rosacea Flare Ups.

MASSAGE BAR: Gives you that extra Exfoliation and relaxing massage feel while Showering, Bathing or even just washing your face or hands.
OVAL BAR: Smooth Exfoliation Oval shaped Bar. 

INGREDIENTS: Glycerin; Propylene Glycol; Coconut Oil; Triethanoalamine; Sodium Cocoate; Sodium Myristate; Sodium Laureth; Coffee Grounds;Sodium Stearate; Titanium Dioxide; Shea Butter; Vanilla FO; Sodium Laureth Sulfate; Purified Water
Coffee Exfoliation Soap
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